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To share the love for Hyderabad's most-loved beverage!

The Nizam's city of Hyderabad is known world over for its iconic Charminar, Biryani and Pearls. Surprisingly, its age old delicacy “Irani Chai” is not known enough to the people from all walks of life in the country. Irani Chai is a must try beverage for every visitor to Hyderabad along with Biryani. Irani Chai, known to be brought by the Persians to Hyderabad, has been nourished by local Iranian settlers and patronised by the Kings of Nizam Deccan for more than three centuries.

Be it in the bustling narrow roads or through the well-known IT corridors of Hyderabad, Irani Chai is an inevitable beverage for local folks of all ages. The unique process of making Irani Chai has secured its legendary position in the wide array of exotic and local Chais.
And the saga goes on...

It's not just a tea.
It's necessitea.

Be it a morning drink or an evening refreshment, be it a fun gathering, a casual conversation or a corporate meeting, you need a strong dose of heartwarming tea.

With responsibilitea
comes great qualitea.

We at Hyderabadi Chai Adda have a great responsibility to offer nothing less than the best.

Unique Chai Flask.

HCA’s Unique Chai Flask is the most innovative and exceptional designing done for to give a different experience to its customers. The flask is made of food graded material and taking all precautionary methods to give a hygienic and fresh Tea to all its customers. The tea remains hot for 45mins from the time of its filling in the flask. We recommend customers to consume the tea within 45min to have the original flavour of the tea. The flask is one time use and its not advisable for reuse. Kindly dispose the flask after use.